Munich Germany 14 June 2021

To whom it may concern,

I am very pleased to write a Short Review of my experiences during my time in Therapy with Mrs. Zelda Language. I was referred to Zelda in 2017 after making little progress with two other Therapists concerning my Substance Abuse issues.

Looking back, I think Zelda already helped me kick off constructive inner workings/thoughts from day one. I never felt judged after CONSTANT relapses or forced into any sort of direction – I really had the feeling I was in a safe place to find the truth of my being for myself. Zelda has also guided me on an inner journey further back into my past than by previous therapists.

The experience of finally being able to “rescue” the Inner Child as an Adult has been etched into my thoughts ever since. Today of course I am still a work in progress… But I do feel freer from the grasp of Addiction.

In the last 3 or so years after leaving Therapy, I have unfortunately had 2 or 3 incidents of single relapses – fortunately, nothing compared to the monthly (and sometimes weekly) cycle of relapses I experienced at the height of my addiction. Starting to really let go of the past and investing in current, real relationships and connections has been a way through for me.

I honestly do not think I would have managed to do this without the guidance of Zelda.

Chris – 40