I first met Zelda when I was admitted to a rehab centre in September 2016.

She was there by chance doing locum work for a week.

She immediately identified the problems that I had, bringing me to this point in my life. The
problems were addressed there and then, and today I am proud to say that that I have been sober
for almost five years.

Zelda is not only a fantastic psychologist, but also a true and caring person to whom I owe my life.

I have been seeing her often for follow up sessions and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

I can truly and with all sincerity say that anyone who is, or will become a patient of hers is better off
for it.

Yours truly

Henk Neuhoff

    Chris – 40
    Munich Germany 14 June 2021 To whom it may concern, I am very pleased to write a Short
    Review of my experiences during my time in Therapy with Mrs. Zelda Language. I was
    referred to Zelda in 2017 after making little progress with two other Therapists concerning
    my Substance Abuse issues. Looking back, I think Zelda already helped me kick off
    constructive inner workings/thoughts from day one. I never felt judged after CONSTANT
    relapses or forced into any sort of direction – I really had the feeling I was in a safe place to
    find the truth of my being for myself. Zelda has also guided me on an inner journey further
    back into my past than by previous therapists. The experience of finally being able to
    “rescue” the Inner Child as an Adult has been etched into my thoughts ever since. Today of
    course I am still a work in progress.. But I do feel freer from the grasp of Addiction. In the
    last 3 or so years after leaving Therapy, I have unfortunately had 2 or 3 incidents of single

relapses – fortunately nothing compared to the monthly (and sometimes weekly) cycle of
relapses I experienced at the hight of my addiction. Starting to really let go of the past and
investing in current, real relationships and connections has been a way through for me. I
honestly do not think I would have managed to do this without the guidance of Zelda

  1. REVIEW 3 – This client wrote a letter to herself nearing the end of her therapy and the
    whole idea of therapy as a journey is portrayed herein… Hierdie klient het ‘n brief aan
    haarself geskryf wat die terapie as ‘n “journey”(SVEN AFRIKAANSE WOORD ASB) uitbeeld.
    So, what did I learn about myself on this journey?
    Before starting with this journey, I thought I was the best little Flower* that I could be.
    Turns out that was way off.
    Before this, I was hard on myself. I judged myself based on who I was, my looks, my
    personality, the whole lot. I had a lot of love to give to everyone, the people I knew
    and some strangers even, but had little love to give to myself. How can you love
    others when you can’t love yourself? All the good memories I have were suppressed
    by all the bad ones that I had.
    During the journey I learned who I am. I learned that my actions were not me
    overreacting, it’s part of my personality and who I am. I learned that it is perfectly fine
    to treat myself with love and respect, and it isn’t egotistic. Putting myself first is not a
    crime. I began to embrace self-love and self-acknowledgement without guilt, and I
    love every moment of it. I lost sight of all the bad things from the past that was once
    carved into the wall of my hall of memories. Even though a negative thought or bad
    memory slips through every now and then, I shut them down faster than Eskom can
    shut down our electricity. I learned that no-one is perfect and no-one can be, so it is
    alright to fall, all you have to do is stand back up.
    Now, I can smile more, be happier and help people in a safer mind set. I refuse to
    lose myself due to the fact that I love helping people. I care less about bad opinions
    I have about myself, if other people like me and include me in their day-to-day
    planning, and I don’t care if people say I changed. If they really love me, they will
    accept me for who I am. And maybe they will become a little inspired to change for

the better. I love myself more and more every passing day, and I could not be more
grateful for the changes happening in my life.
Still the fact remains that nobody can be perfect, and I am perfectly fine with that.

  1. Review – December 2021 – Individual and colour therapy via ZOOM:

Johan Ferreira – 48 age
“ I have been with Zelda in sessions in 2021- ( all via ZOOM). At first I thought it will be the
same experience I had in the past with councellors. But what an amazing journey it has
She mentioned colour therapy and I thought I will do some colouring exercises. The colour
therapy brought up a whole new way of dealing with my past and current life. It made me
think on different levels and brought up past experiences I never knew about.
Zelda is an amazing Psychologist.”

  1. Review – 2021-2022 Individual and Couple Therapy – Andrew age 51

It does not have to be that hard. It’s not easy, by any account – but sometimes you just need a little
help to make life good.

My partner and I finally moved in together after 12 years. Finally! we thought, but we needed a little
help. Old habits rubbed against each other. My partner was also going through a lot of changes at
that time, and she was adrift in this sea of changes.

Enter Zelda.

My partner was the first to see Zelda and I noticed a positive change in my partner after the first
consultation. It’s now been 6 months and she is a new person who is finding her way and growing in
this new space she has created.

Zelda suggested that I should attend as part of a couple’s session, and it was not long before I come
to realise things about myself that I did not even know (and that were obviously an issue, but

because I was not even aware of them, I was not able to change them). A little help has come a long
way to making our world and our home a better place, not just for my partner, but for me to.

Zelda does not advise from “high up” in academic terms. I found her to be relatable, open in her
communication and human in her approach.

We are still working at it, not because Zelda said so, but because we now see how and why we can
make our lives a better place. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it.

  1. Review 2021 – 2022 Individual and Couple Therapy – Charmaine Age 49

Individual Therapy:
I have seen many psychologists through the last 15 years or so, but never have I as
felt as comfortable as I have with Zelda. I started seeing Zelda during a very difficult
time in my life. My daughter, who is an only child, was moving out and getting
married, I was going to be moving in with my partner after 12 years of being
together, and I had to have my 15-year-old dog put down. I felt completely out of
control and when I went to see Zelda the first time, I told her my story and she
immediately had a plan for me. Zelda only ever took notes during our very first
consultation, so she could give me all her attention during our consultations and she
remembered each and every little detail which I told her. Even my dog’s name. I
have been seeing Zelda now for almost 6 months and I am a changed person. With
her guidance I have been able to accept all these huge changes in my life and
actually start looking forward to the future. Before I saw Zelda, I could not even plan
past the next day. One of the things that most impressed me and that I most
appreciated is that Zelda included my partner and my daughter in my therapy. This
was never offered to me before and it makes complete sense. You would stand by
any family member if they had an illness, and it seems only right that the same
support should be provided to someone who is going through therapy with a
psychologist. Zelda has been supportive and caring and has always made me feel
like I mattered. Zelda is very warm, and I felt at ease with her from my very first
sessions. I have really come such a long way. I know that I had to do all the hard
work, like Zelda always says, but I could not have done it without her guidance,
support and encouragement and I will always be grateful to her. Apart from being an
amazing psychologist, Zelda is one of the most lovely people I have ever met.
Couples Therapy:
My partner was involved in my sessions with Zelda from the start of my individual
therapy and even though we thought we had a good relationship, after we started
seeing Zelda, we realised that we could be even better together. Zelda has shown
us how to communicate with each other, how to understand each other and accept
the things about each other that would come with living together for the first time

since him and I started our relationship 12 years ago. It was a massive change for
both of us and I had no idea that it would knock us both off course. Zelda did
personality tests on both of us, and to our surprise, we have so many values and
personality traits which are similar, and it just confirmed to us that we are meant to
be together. Zelda said that we are a really good match. We understand each other
so much better now. We have both grown so much in our relationship and can
communicate openly and honestly with each other and it felt like we fell in love all
over again. Zelda also guided me into being able to express my feelings without
becoming angry and emotional. We started seeing Zelda before we moved in
together and I believe that it really helped us to deal with the most difficult days. We
were both so used to our own space so it was a huge adjustment for us both. We
have been living together for 3 months now, and his house is now our home and I
feel like I belong here. It has made such a difference to us and even if you believe
your relationship is perfect, getting to understand your partner through comparing
personalities and values will only strengthen your relationship. Couples therapy
which Zelda provides should be a requirement for every young couple before they
decide to get married or move in together. I could not recommend it strongly
enough. Thank you, Zelda.