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Practice nr: 864 0785

BA (UP)(Cum Laude), BA(Hons Psych) (UP), MA(Counselling Psych) (UP)(Cum Laude)

I am a Counselling Psychologist in Private Practice since 1998. I have a passion for helping people become the best version of themselves by travelling with them on their unique life’s journey, for a period in time. I have a passion for psychotherapy, life coaching and corporate mental health and wellness. I enjoy working with a variety of people of different developmental stages from adolescence to the elderly, from varying backgrounds – with an array of life challenges and disorders. Further I also have a passion for Psycho-educational Training, Personal Growth and Awareness Workshops as well as Retreats – mostly for couples (pre-marital, marriage enrichment or couples per se) or Healing Retreats after loss and bereavement. Silent Retreats will also be offered soon to enhance mindfulness in our extremely busy and stressful lives.

Further I believe we are all wired for connection – as no man is an island – despite our uniqueness. By clients allowing me, as a professional, to journey with them for a point in time, I can address and help each client to overcome or manage their life challenges and hence facilitate the client’s healing process. As my motto is – LIFE IS A JOURNEY OF HEALING GRACE – embrace it and actively reach out to get the professional help to walk your Journey of Healing Grace – take the first step and start your healing journey today.

My Approach

I believe that therapy, same as life, is a journey we choose to travel. You must be willing to take the first step to enter into a therapeutic journey (relationship) to heal and grow into the individual you were created to be. A therapeutic journey (relationship) where you can be heard, understood, and equipped to deal with your own life challenges and illness. I have experienced throughout life and years of practice, that a great deal of healing occurs when you feel that you have truly been heard and I pride myself in being an excellent therapeutic listener.

I choose to follow a Holistic Approach to therapy as I believe that nature and nurture both play an important role in who we are at any given point of our life’s journey. As we are already formed in our very being from in-vitro onwards, together with the environment we are born into and live in; hence each person’s internal world and external environment is taken into consideration in my approach. I therefore favour a general system and a cognitive behaviour (CBT) approach to psychotherapy. Mindfulness and Gestalt Therapy also play an integral part of my therapy. Hence my use of Colour Therapy (see the review on Colour Therapy, even effective online) as one of my tools of Gestalt Therapy. As beforementioned, I see each person as an individual on their own unique life journey with their own unique life challenges and thus I personalise my therapy accordingly.

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