Review – December 2021 – Individual and colour therapy via ZOOM

“  I have been with Zelda in sessions in 2021- ( all via ZOOM).  At first, I thought it will be the same experience I had in the past with counsellors.  But what an amazing journey it has been.She mentioned colour therapy and I thought I will do some colouring exercises.  The colour therapy brought up a whole new way of dealing with my past and current life.  It made me think on different levels and brought up past experiences I never knew about. Zelda is an amazing Psychologist.” Johan Ferreira – 48 age

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Review – 2021-2022 Individual and Couple Therapy

It does not have to be that hard. It’s not easy, by any account – but sometimes you just need a little help to make life good.  My partner and I finally moved in together after 12 years. Finally! we thought, but we needed a little help. Old habits rubbed against each other. My partner was also going through a lot of changes at that time, and she was adrift in this sea of changes.  Enter Zelda.  My partner was the first to see Zelda and I noticed a positive change in my partner after the first consultation. It’s now…

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This client wrote a letter to herself nearing the end of her therapy and the whole idea of therapy as a journey is portrayed herein… Hierdie klient het ‘n brief aan haarself geskryf wat die terapie as ‘n reistog beskryf het. So, what did I learn about myself on this journey? Before starting with this journey, I thought I was the best little Flower* that I could be. Turns out that was way off.  Before this, I was hard on myself. I judged myself based on who I was, my looks, my personality, the whole lot. I had a lot…


Review 2021 – 2022 Individual and Couple Therapy

Individual Therapy: I have seen many psychologists through the last 15 years or so, but never have I as felt as comfortable as I have with Zelda.  I started seeing Zelda during a very difficult time in my life.  My daughter, who is an only child, was moving out and getting married, I was going to be moving in with my partner after 12 years of being together, and I had to have my 15-year-old dog put down.  I felt completely out of control and when I went to see Zelda the first time, I told her my story and…

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Munich Germany 14 June 2021 To whom it may concern, I am very pleased to write a Short Review of my experiences during my time in Therapy with Mrs. Zelda Language. I was referred to Zelda in 2017 after making little progress with two other Therapists concerning my Substance Abuse issues. Looking back, I think Zelda already helped me kick off constructive inner workings/thoughts from day one. I never felt judged after CONSTANT relapses or forced into any sort of direction – I really had the feeling I was in a safe place to find the truth of my being…



I first met Zelda when I was admitted to a rehab center in September 2016. She was there by chance doing locum work for a week. She immediately identified the problems that I had, bringing me to this point in my life. The problems were addressed there and then, and today I am proud to say that I have been sober for almost five years. Zelda is not only a fantastic psychologist but also a true and caring person to whom I owe my life. I have been seeing her often for follow-up sessions and will be doing so for…